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Subjects: Broadcasting equipment, Production system/function, Function of broadcasting
Skills: Research, Investigation, Writing

Subjects: Social debate, Current Affairs medium, Discussion communication
Skills: Debating, Reasoning, Conflict resolution

Subjects: The broadcasting system, Media groups, Generating publicity
Skills: Investigation, Research, Writing

Subjects: Global Village concept, Culture and society, Communication systems
Skills: Inquiry, Investigation, Research

Subjects: Critically analyse the intent, Challenges in reporting, Journalism ethics and responsibility
Skills: Analysis, Inquiry, Presentation

Subjects: Mass media and how it works, Stereotyping and bias, Variations in media styles
Skills: Analysis, Presentation, Research

Subjects: Subtly of word use and meaning, Styles of communication, Difference between fact and fiction
Skills: Language, Literacy, Research

Subjects: Questioning techniques, Interpretation of manipulation, Control within interview methods
Skills: Literacy, Debating, Language

Subjects: Programming style, Production and the set, Creation and intent
Skills: Research, Inquiry, Presentation

Subjects: Conveying information, Visual and non-verbal language, Aural, verbal communication
Skills: Language, Investigation, Analysis

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